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Tyra’s Witchcraft Adventure!

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

“Tyra’s role as talk show host is to educate and enlighten people about topics that are either relevant to our lives, or just too noteworthy to ignore. But at the beginning of this episode, Tyra admitted she had some reluctance about covering this particular subject. The topic was witchcraft, and the occult, controversial practices are more common than you might think. Tyra revealed more than 400,000 people in the U.S. claimed to practice witchcraft, and she introduced us to proponents of various intriguing, yet forbidden, traditions who wanted to shatter misconceptions about their craft.”

Phew! Thats a relief. She is here to shatter misconceptions! To educate and enlighten us on these misunderstood faiths. Maybe she got Margot Adler to come on the show? Perhaps some elders in the Pagan community like Ray Buckland, Starhawk, or Isaac Bonewits? “She welcomed Fiona Horne, an Australian singer/songwriter who practiced Wicca. Fiona had written eight books about the subject and was a star both inside and outside of the pagan world…” Fionna “Mad Mad House” Horne? That was the expert? Ok, calm down, it can’t be that bad. Joining Fiona on stage was model Wrenna Monet, and “Brandy” (if that is her real name) an African-American Witch who has faced suspension at her job for bringing tarot cards to work.

Read the original article at: The Wild Hunt

Read the original article at: The Wild Hunt

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