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Remains of village found near Stonehenge

Archaeologists have uncovered what may have been a village for workers or festival-goers near the mysterious stone circle Stonehenge in England. The village was located at Durrington Walls, about two miles from Stonehenge, and is also the location of a wooden version of the stone circle. There were about 8-25 houses, built in a style similar to that found on the Orkney Islands.

The village was carbon dated to about 2600 B.C., about the same time Stonehenge was built. The Great Pyramid in Egypt was built at about the same time, said Parker Pearson of Sheffield University. The researchers speculated that Durrington Walls was a place for the living and Stonehenge — where several cremated remains have been found — was a cemetery and memorial. Both are connected to the Avon River by paths they called avenues.

Read the original article at: Yahoo News

Read the original article at: Yahoo News

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