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My Body, My Temple…or Something Like That

Author: Strahbary

There is the phrase, “my body is my temple.” Usually this strikes up images of weight obsessed women who eat nothing but organic foods, work out a minimum of three hours per day and practice rather odd body rituals. I like to think of the phrase’s meaning in a more spiritual light, literally. It’s my belief that there is a spark of the goddess in us all, which means in essence that we are walking physical temples.

Though I am only 5’7” and 130 pounds, I constantly get people commenting on how thin I am. Once at a cousin’s baby shower, some woman walked up to me, grabbed me by the arm and said somewhat angrily “I used to be thin like you once.” Being only 16 at the time and not quite sure what to say, I looked at her apologetically and said, “I’m sorry.”

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