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Tatzelwurm (Swiss Dragon)

The tatzelwurm is a dragon-like beast reported from the Alps of Switzerland, plus nearby Austria and France, where is is often known by different names. The tatzelwurm looks something like a lizard or snake. It has smooth hairless skin covered with delicate scales. The tatzelwurm can grow to at least six feet long, but some specimens, possibly juveniles, are considerably smaller. It has two small front legs, and its hind legs are either missing or vestigal. Its head is the most distinctive part of its body. The tatzelwurm’s head has big eyes and looks remarkably like the head of a cat, except for it having scales instead of fur. This feline look is remarked on by almost all witnesses, and it firmly links it with the dragon tradition. Dragon’s heads are most often compared to the heads of cats and horses as far as the overall shape goes.

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