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Why Go Skyclad?

by Jenny DevilDoll

I’m not sure exactly how the topic came up. It was several hours worth of driving to an upstate gig, and our guitarist Lisssa was meticulously examining a Weight Watchers guide and informing us how many “points” different alcoholic drinks had. I think this segued into a discussion of all things body-image related, and a debate on who was comfortable showing a little skin on stage and who wasn’t. I fell into the pro-skin half of the group.

“Well, I guess that makes sense since you used to strip.” Lisssa rationalized.

“Plus don’t Wiccans worship naked sometimes?” added Abby. I said that I had done my first degree initiation skyclad and that’s where Lisssa got stuck. I’d been naked in front of my whole coven?” Yes,the whole coven had been as well. “So you’ve all seen each naked?” Yep. This line of incredulous questioning was repeated a few more times, and then expanded to inquiries as to why we do it and what would happen if someone didn’t want to participate in ritual nudity, and why it was a requirement for our coven’s initiation. As I answered the barrage of questions it got me to thinking about the whole practice of skyclad ritual and how it’s one of the aspects of our religion that is the most intriguing, titillating, and misunderstood by non-Wiccans who hear about it.

Read the original article at: kyriapanagia

Read the original article at: kyriapanagia

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