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Descent’s Alchemy

Shortly before his death Carl Jung commented that we are perhaps looking at the world from the wrong side. “We might find the right answer,” he says “by changing our point of view and looking…not from the outside, but from the inside” (Jaffé 216). James Hillman expresses the sense of this “inside” advantage we are seeking.

Outside and inside, life and soul…we have to see the inner necessity of historical events out there, inthe events themselves, where ‘inner’ no longer means private and owned by a self or a soul or an ego,where inner is not a literalized place inside a subject, but the subjectivity in events and that attitude which interiorizes those events, goes into them in search of psychological depths. (Healing, 24-25).

Read the original article at: mythopoetry

Read the original article at: mythopoetry

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