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The Theft of a Spirit

By Linda J. Paul
During my four day stay at home with the flu, I had time to lay there and think about all kinds of things, albeit, some of them were a bit delirious, but it also gave me the opportunity to pick up some books from my vast library of eclectic reading that I had not brought to light in many years (judging by the dust bunnies abounding). One was called Intruders Within , written by Louis Baldwin.

The subtitle reads Pueblo Resistance to Spanish Rule and the Revolt of 1680. I admit I almost put it back on the shelf, but the sadness in the eyes of the Native Elder in the picture touched my heart.

I started to read about the Pueblo and their lifestyle, which was a balanced, spiritual, earth based way of life. The author spoke about the building of their communities, and their spirituality including a very strict condemnation on the taking of another’s life, be it friend or enemy. As I read I could see the men hunting and gathering, and the women weaving and caring for the children. Women and children were considered sacred to the Pueblo, and were treated with utmost honor and respect. The Pueblo included rite and ritual into everything, and all that was alive was honored equally.

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