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The Invisible Sex Dance of Psychedelic Spiders

By Jeanna Bryner
As if dressed for a psychedelic rave, jumping spiders sport glowing patches on their bodies to lure in eight-legged mates, a new study finds.

Jumping spiders of both sexes are known for their excellent eyesight, particularly in the ultraviolet wavelengths, and male jumping spiders are equipped with UV-reflecting scales that glow bright white and green [image] under the sun’s ultraviolet light.

The spiders display and pose these body parts to intimidate other males. Such bright ornaments seemed a likely mate-lure, but no one had yet found evidence of them in action.

Scientists led by Matthew Lim of the University of Singapore videotaped pairs of male and female jumping spiders under full-spectrum light—which includes UV light—and under UV-blocked light.

Read the original article at: LiveScience

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