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Another Pagan History (Part 11)

by A.C. Fisher Aldag

The last several essays were focused on the Pagan Gods, Old, New and Otherwise. We checked out Cernunnos in number eight. We’ve explored Goddess worship ancient (we think) and modern, including the Goddess of the Moon and a Triple Goddess. This time, we’ll take a look at some goddesses of literature, including songs, poems, and fairy tales, and some earth goddesses who’ve given their names to landmarks in the British Islands.

Goddesses in Literature and Legend: It is difficult to separate the history of Goddess worship in Britain from the belief in fairies and association with the “Queen of Elfhame” sometimes referred to in the witch trials. Volumes have been written about the Fairy Faith, fairy doctors, folktales labeled “fairy stories”, fairy lore, and geographic locations with a relationship to the fair folk. Sacred wellsprings dedicated to a fairy, sprite, water nymph or other supernatural being are common throughout the British Isles.

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