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Things to Remember

by Mark Sashine I am but one. I try to do my best. My contribution is small and there is no glory waiting for me. ‘If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs…’ R. Kipling, IF You can loose your head fairly quickly these times. It just happens. Strange as . . . → Read More: Things to Remember

Is Canada Wasting Away?

By Steve Lillebuen

A giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has snapped free from Canada’s Arctic, leaving a trail of icy boulders floating in its wake.

The mass of ice broke clear from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 800 kilometres south of the North Pole. Warwick Vincent of Laval University, who . . . → Read More: Is Canada Wasting Away?

Religious News 2006 (Part 1)

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

There were a lot of hot religious stories in 2006, and it being the end of the calendar year many are counting down what they think are the most influential. The Religious Newswriters Association has published their results of a members-only poll of the top religion stories of 2006. Major themes seem . . . → Read More: Religious News 2006 (Part 1)

Voodoo Dolls for Computers

It’s not easy going through your days filled with a cold, desperate rage. Sometimes just seeing people smiling in the street makes me want to thrash them to death with their own torn-off limbs, and you can only do that a couple of times before the local law enforcement professionals start taking a more than . . . → Read More: Voodoo Dolls for Computers

Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2006

How do you know it’s been an extraordinary year in archaeology? When the discovery of the earliest Maya writing and a 2,500-year-old sarcophagus decorated with scenes from the Iliad don’t crack ARCHAEOLOGY’s Top 10 list:

1. Valley of the Kings Tomb KV63 was the first tomb to be excavated in the Valley of the Kings . . . → Read More: Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2006

Sumerian Calendars and Astronomy

In the 6th century B.C. the scribes of Enuma Anu Enlil were a group of men at the Babylonian court who were experts in astronomy and astrology. Texts refer to this group of scribes, but we do not know exactly who they were, what they did and how they were trained. However, for hundreds of . . . → Read More: Sumerian Calendars and Astronomy

The wines and herbs in the land of Pan

By Stavroula Kourakou

A survey of ancient Greek sources reveals the surprising properties of certain wines that continue to provoke the curiosity of scholars today. In early December, the interdisciplinary Oino Istoro (or Talking Wine) group and Ktima Spyropoulos winery held the “Symposium of Arcadian Wine Talk.” I presented a paper there, which I . . . → Read More: The wines and herbs in the land of Pan

The Green Children of Woolpit

By: Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker

English medieval history and legend are sometimes so intricately interwoven that it can be exceedingly difficult to delineate with any degree of certainty the facts from the fantasy. The fascinating story of the green children of Woolpit is a particular case in point.

The date was the 12th century . . . → Read More: The Green Children of Woolpit

New Relationships with First Nations

By Tom Fletcher At the beginning of 2006, this column predicted that B.C.’s most important story of the year would be the new relationship with aboriginal people. At least I got one thing right in the past 12 months. The obvious development was a string of final treaty agreements reached with aboriginal communities in Prince . . . → Read More: New Relationships with First Nations

The Folly of Christian Environmentalism

by Timothy Birdnow

“Hardly surprising; those who worship the pagan nature gods always offer human sacrifices to appease their deity. Creation is at enmity with Man because it is fallen, just as we were at enmity with the One True God because of Sin. Death and corruption are the necessary ends of the natural world, . . . → Read More: The Folly of Christian Environmentalism