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Death and Settling for Less

by Stan Goff

Yesterday, I was driving down the I-540 outer beltline on my way to run an errand, and there was a huge deer corpse right between two lanes, mutilated by serial impacts and rollovers – no doubt from surprised drivers who reacted to slowly – that has splashed blood-and-flesh patterns down the highway in a kind of grotesque expanding fan-fractal, like an abstract painting – Mandelbrot in blood and flesh. People swerved around it, worrying no doubt about broken bones and punctured tires, each deploying his or her own dissonance-defenses against this collateral damage of urban development.

Just like the old Medieval lithographs, that deer was telling us, “As you are I once was; as I am, you shall be.” But you can’t stop to hear that in the course of a day, or you risk morbid paralysis.

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