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Another Pagan History…(PART 7)

by A.C. Fisher Aldag

Part 7: The Pagan Gods
During the last several essays, we discussed many of the possible sources for popular Wiccan and neo-Pagan ritual tools, ceremonies and holidays. Some of ’em are old… and some of them aren’t. In the next several segments of this essay series, we’ll explore the history, sources and inventions related to the God and the Goddess of Wicca and the modern Pagan religions.

The Pagan Gods (Part I) – Old, New and Otherwise:
Gerald Gardner was one of the first popular authors to connect the practice of witchcraft with the worship of the old Pagan gods. In an interview, Gardner stated that while Wicca promoted belief in a supreme being, primitive people weren’t quite capable of understanding the notion. Instead they revered a pair of lesser deities, personified as a God of the Hunt and a Goddess of Fertility, who were aspects of the higher power. He also wrote that his belief in the gods was as a “personification of cosmic power”. Although this sounds like a typical anthropology lecture, to the mostly Protestant upper-class English society of the 1950s, this idea was probably quite shocking.

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