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Neo-Paganism – The Divine In All Creation

by Cecylyna and Dagonet Dewr

Silhouetted against the Full Moon, a group of robes figures chants while a Priestess raises her arms in the candlelight to welcome the Goddess, the ancient Mother in her many names and forms, to their ceremony. This is not a scene from a fantasy novel, but rather a typical celebration held in a park, a backyard or a living room for modern Wiccans and Neo-Pagans.

Neo-Paganism is a broad term covering contemporary practice of many nature-based spiritual paths that honor the Divine as immanent in creation. Some Neo-Pagan traditions try to reconstruct pre-Christian pagan religions; others base practices on ancient pantheons newly interpreted for a modern world. Neo-Pagans are generally polytheists, honoring more than one Deity, although many Neo-Pagans are also monists, believing that the many Gods and Goddesses are all aspects of a single Source.

Read the original article at: paganpride

Read the original article at: paganpride

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