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Reviewing your Year

by Lauren Ravenstar
The few days running up to New Year are perfect for reviewing the year just gone before setting your intentions for the year ahead. Find yourself a space when you won’t be interrupted. Put some relaxing music on & light a candle and some incense, or burn an essential oil you like. While you do this review all of your senses are going to be treated and soothed!

Now spend a little time visualising the year that has just passed. Close your eyes, take a few deep slow breaths and see yourself standing on a path. The year that is ending is stretched out on the path behind you, in front is the year that is to come. We will explore that next time. Walk back along the path of the past year. Along the way objects and people are dotted that represent the highs and the lows. Who are they? What are they? Maybe there are obstacles along the path, perhaps it is clear. Does it run up hill, or downhill, straight or twisted? Are there forks in the path representing major choices?

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