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Voodoo Dolls for Computers

It’s not easy going through your days filled with a cold, desperate rage. Sometimes just seeing people smiling in the street makes me want to thrash them to death with their own torn-off limbs, and you can only do that a couple of times before the local law enforcement professionals start taking a more than neighbourly interest in your mental health. I get the feeling that electronics-tinkerer Mike Larsson knows exactly how I feel; his USB Voodoo Word doll plugs into your computer and, when you stab it with a pin, prompts a great gushing of vicious prose onto the screen.

Frankly this is far more useful than some USB fan or cup-warmer. Yes, hot coffee is nice, but throwing it over the mail-boy when he drops your issue of Gastric Platitudes Monthly is a sure-fire way to earn that final written warning; now you can jab your felt doll instead, and revel in your computer’s spleen-venting bile. I really, really want one.

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