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New Year’s Worldwide

By Hema Oza At the stroke of midnight on Sunday night, tall flutes of sparkling champagne will be poured and sipped as people the world over toast the arrival of the New Year. Kisses, hugs and well-wishes will be exchanged as colorful streamers and gold and silver confetti flutter in the air and fireworks illuminate . . . → Read More: New Year’s Worldwide

Death and Settling for Less

by Stan Goff

Yesterday, I was driving down the I-540 outer beltline on my way to run an errand, and there was a huge deer corpse right between two lanes, mutilated by serial impacts and rollovers – no doubt from surprised drivers who reacted to slowly – that has splashed blood-and-flesh patterns down the highway . . . → Read More: Death and Settling for Less

Another Pagan History…(PART 7)

by A.C. Fisher Aldag

Part 7: The Pagan Gods During the last several essays, we discussed many of the possible sources for popular Wiccan and neo-Pagan ritual tools, ceremonies and holidays. Some of ’em are old… and some of them aren’t. In the next several segments of this essay series, we’ll explore the history, sources . . . → Read More: Another Pagan History…(PART 7)

Neo-Paganism – The Divine In All Creation

by Cecylyna and Dagonet Dewr

Silhouetted against the Full Moon, a group of robes figures chants while a Priestess raises her arms in the candlelight to welcome the Goddess, the ancient Mother in her many names and forms, to their ceremony. This is not a scene from a fantasy novel, but rather a typical celebration . . . → Read More: Neo-Paganism – The Divine In All Creation

Religious News 2006 (Part 2)

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Yesterday I wrote about what the mainstream press thought were the top religion stories of 2006, and today I present the first part of my top ten news stories that involve or affect modern Paganism. A ongoing theme this year seems to be legal issues and discrimination, but there were some interesting . . . → Read More: Religious News 2006 (Part 2)

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (also called the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival) is the most important holiday of the Chinese people. It is celebrated throughout the Far East and in Chinatowns around the world on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, which is usually the day of the second . . . → Read More: Chinese New Year

Reviewing your Year

by Lauren Ravenstar The few days running up to New Year are perfect for reviewing the year just gone before setting your intentions for the year ahead. Find yourself a space when you won’t be interrupted. Put some relaxing music on & light a candle and some incense, or burn an essential oil you like. . . . → Read More: Reviewing your Year

Canada to examine data on cloned food

Canadian consumers won’t be buying meat and milk from cloned animals anytime soon, Health Canada officials said on Thursday. William Yan of Health Canada’s health products and food branch said officials with the federal agency are looking forward to examining the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s risk assessment draft, which was released Thursday.

But the . . . → Read More: Canada to examine data on cloned food

A History of New Year’s Day

By Linda J. Paul Another New Year. A chance to make some resolutions and start anew. We do it every year on January 1. But, did you know that New Year’s Day was not always celebrated on January 1? Actually, the celebration of the new year is the oldest of all the holidays. In fact, . . . → Read More: A History of New Year’s Day

Labeling of Catholics as “Hateful” is Constitutional

by John-Henry Westen

In March of this year the City of San Francisco issued one of the most startling attacks on the Catholic Church coming from a governmental body in the United States in half a century. The governing body of the city of San Francisco – the Board of Supervisors – voted unanimously to . . . → Read More: Labeling of Catholics as “Hateful” is Constitutional