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Revenge of the killer faeries


The 500-year-old death records from Lamplugh which revealed some peculiar demises. Forget knife-carrying hoodies, people in the mid-17th century had far more dangerous opponents to worry about… such as spirits and fairies. Also, pitchforks, stools or even a trusty frying pan were the weapons of choice when it came to street fights, a newly unearthed burial register has shown. The document reveals the deeply superstitious – and often brutal – side of life in Oliver Cromwell’s England. Covering deaths from 1656 to 1663 – the manuscript reveals no less than four people were ‘Frighted to Death by faries’ while another died after being ‘Led into a horse pond by a will of the whisp’. A further seven people died after becoming ‘bewitched’ – and three ‘old women’ were drowned after being tried for witchcraft.

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