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Mysteries of computer from 65BC are solved

By Ian Sample A 2,000-year-old mechanical computer salvaged from a Roman shipwreck has astounded scientists who have finally unravelled the secrets of how the sophisticated device works. The machine was lost among cargo in 65BC when the ship carrying it sank in 42m of water off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. By . . . → Read More: Mysteries of computer from 65BC are solved

Long Lost Star Catalog Found in Plain Sight

By Bjorn Carey The long lost star catalog of Hipparchus has been under our noses – or, more accurately, slightly above them – for more than 1,800 years. Sitting atop the broad shoulders of a seven-foot statue known as the Farnese Atlas is a sky globe depicting the nighttime sky. Scientists have been able to . . . → Read More: Long Lost Star Catalog Found in Plain Sight

The Newton Stone


THE Newton Stone is a small, rather unassuming pillar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. On one side is faded, ancient writing, on the other a curling snake and cylindrical patterning. Many would say that it is a typical example of a Scottish standing stone. Yet one man claims that this is no ordinary stone, . . . → Read More: The Newton Stone

TV Documentary Claims King Edward VIII Was Hypnotized For Alcoholism

By Maira Oliveira It has emerged that King Edward VIII may have been hypnotized by an eccentric doctor. The king is said to have been hypnotized just months before his abdication in the early 1900s. A BBC documentary broadcast on Wednesday night revealed that Dr. Alexander Cannon – who was fascinated by the occult and . . . → Read More: TV Documentary Claims King Edward VIII Was Hypnotized For Alcoholism

Ancient Moon ‘computer’ revisited

By Jonathan Fildes

The delicate workings at the heart of a 2,000-year-old analogue computer have been revealed by scientists. The Antikythera Mechanism, discovered more than 100 years ago in a Roman shipwreck, was used by ancient Greeks to display astronomical cycles. Using advanced imaging techniques, an Anglo-Greek team probed the remaining fragments of . . . → Read More: Ancient Moon ‘computer’ revisited

Ancient Astronomical Device

By Robin Turner and Paul Carey As early as the second century BC, Greeks were able to calculate the positions of the sun, moon and planets using an astronomical computer that incorporated technology thought to be developed at least 1,000 years later. Scientists unraveled the artifact’s internal mysteries by examining it with a complex medical . . . → Read More: Ancient Astronomical Device

Revenge of the killer faeries


The 500-year-old death records from Lamplugh which revealed some peculiar demises. Forget knife-carrying hoodies, people in the mid-17th century had far more dangerous opponents to worry about… such as spirits and fairies. Also, pitchforks, stools or even a trusty frying pan were the weapons of choice when it came to street fights, . . . → Read More: Revenge of the killer faeries

Treaties with first nations come at a price, but success will be worth it

Thirteen years. A billion dollars. Zero treaties. That’s the short form account of the treaty negotiation process in British Columbia as told in a rare joint audit by the federal and provincial auditors-general on Tuesday. What starts off sounding like a boondoggle in the order of the magnitude of the federal long-gun registry looks quite . . . → Read More: Treaties with first nations come at a price, but success will be worth it

Tories shutting down Status of Women offices

The Conservative government is closing down most of its Status of Women Canada offices, saying they are not doing enough to serve women directly. Twelve of the agency’s 16 offices will close by April 1st, Heritage Minister Bev Oda said Wednesday. “We don’t need to separate the men from the women in this country … . . . → Read More: Tories shutting down Status of Women offices

Socrates and Sages

by Robert Bruce Baird You can easily see why it takes more than an Encyclopaedia to be able to follow what is going on from just this little quote. There are many twists and turns to follow in the pursuit of knowledge and its power that has been the purpose of many secret agencies since . . . → Read More: Socrates and Sages