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Wiccans defy stereotypes

By CHRIS KITCHING Traditions that date back to Halloween’s roots are still being practised today in North America. On or about every Oct. 31, local Wiccans participate in rituals and feasts to honour the dead during Samhain, a historic festival started by the ancient Celts. Celts and Wiccans believe the veil between the worlds of . . . → Read More: Wiccans defy stereotypes

An OBE Ceremony Experience

by Robert Bruce

This is what happened to me, many years ago, after my very first successful deliberate wake induced OBE. I had been trying to project for several months at this time, and had made a projection attempt almost every night for the previous two weeks. Trying to balance everything, relaxation, trance, energy, technique, . . . → Read More: An OBE Ceremony Experience

Seeing the light


WHEN he caught sight of the bright red pentagon glowing above the great rose window of Rosslyn Chapel, Alan Butler almost let out a scream. At that point, he knew beyond doubt that Rosslyn was far more than just another medieval church. By rediscovering the lightbox, forgotten for hundreds of years, Butler . . . → Read More: Seeing the light

Craft of the Wise

By Megan Chuchmach Modern day witches embrace nature as they strive to follow the creed of “do no harm The sun is setting on a Friday evening as Mikki Mayo dances across her backyard to a makeshift altar in the corner. Incense burns in the background as she rings a Tibetan bell and sways to . . . → Read More: Craft of the Wise

Gay Pagans & Samhain

by Will O’Bryan There are any number of icons that pop up at Halloween. Skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and witches readily come to mind. And though none is particularly gay in its own right, the costumed festivity of Halloween has been adopted heartily by the gay community. After annual Pride celebrations, Halloween may be seen as . . . → Read More: Gay Pagans & Samhain

Paths Through Life

by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

We can think about the journey of our life in many different ways. Over the years, I’ve heard various descriptions of this sojourn, often clothed in symbolic form. Some observers of the human predicament – writers, psychologists, philosophers, etc. – claim that each person’s life is like a story he is . . . → Read More: Paths Through Life

Who will save Amazay?

By andrew findlay We’re bobbing in a boat in the middle of Duncan Lake, an emerald-coloured, pristine mountain lake full of Dolly Varden char, rainbow trout, and mountain whitefish. John Allen French, hereditary chief of the Takla First Nation, looks every bit the warrior, wearing a black bandanna, an amulet of animal bones, and a . . . → Read More: Who will save Amazay?

Vampires a Mathematical Impossibility, Scientist Says

By Sara Goudarzi A researcher has come up with some simple math that sucks the life out of the vampire myth, proving that these highly popular creatures can’t exist. University of Central Florida physics professor Costas Efthimiou’s work debunks pseudoscientific ideas, such as vampires and zombies, in an attempt to enhance public literacy. Not only . . . → Read More: Vampires a Mathematical Impossibility, Scientist Says

Harm None

Terri Paajanen

The Wiccan Rede has been the subject of much debate. Before I begin, I want to emphasize that not all Pagans are Wiccan, and therefore not all Pagans follow Wiccan teachings (which include the Rede). To further muddy the waters, not all Wiccans view the Rede in the same way or follow it . . . → Read More: Harm None

The day of the dead

By Karen Dandurant

Halloween is a time when kids dress up, run through neighborhoods, knock on doors for candy and other treats. A person who will not hand out treats may be subject to a trick. Some people might be surprised to know that the traditions have ancient roots. The Celtic cultures and Wiccan religions . . . → Read More: The day of the dead