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Magic is part of everyday life in bewitching Salem

SALEM, Mass. – I didn’t have high hopes for magic during the annual Halloween night march to Gallows Hill. Clearly, the hill where 19 accused witches died 300 years ago would be teeming with spirits if any place in the world was. Certainly, the huge, sacred Wiccan circle that was to be formed on the hillwould be led by Salem’s finest modern-day witches. Surely, Halloween night, when witches believe the veil between heaven and Earth is thinnest, was a most auspicious time.
So what was the rub?
Just me. Sacred circles are formed to keep bad forces out and to concentrate energy into a cone of power that can summon otherworldly energies. If the power of the cosmos was summoned, I probably wouldn’t notice. I am not a magical person. I am what magical people call a mundane or, borrowing from Harry Potter, a muggle.
I was among the 200,000 people, most of them muggles, too, who visit Salem during October’s Halloween celebrations every year. Like them, I was there to party with the town’s estimated 3,000 witches, neopagans and other magical people.

Read the original article at: Dallas Morning News

Read the original article at: Dallas Morning News

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