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Not All Witches Are Wiccans

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

How many times have your heard the phrase ‘all Wiccans are Witches, but not all witches are Wiccan’? A lot right? But how many times have you read a news article that fully illustrates that difference and how it can cause conflicts? Peter Rowe profiles two occult stores that exist on the same block in San Diego. One, Botanica Mama Roots, is a shop that caters to adherents of Santeria, while Superstitious caters to a solidly Wiccan clientele.The owner and some customers of Superstitious go out of their way to bad-mouth the Santerian establishment.

“Mama Roots and Superstitious are neighbors but not friends. They’re on the 3500 block of Adams Avenue, ringed in by bungalows, apartment houses, auto repair yards, taco shops and an impressive concentration of Irish bars and used book stores. Adams is the heart of Normal Heights, a ‘hood that probably wouldn’t object to the term “funky.” Here, a couple of witchcraft shops might be greeted with a raised eyebrow or two, but few on the avenue will raise a fuss.”

Read the original article at: Wild Hunt

Read the original article at: Wild Hunt

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