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Germans claim they ‘invented’ Halloween

By Ernest Gill
Hamburg – Forget all those books that say the Irish invented Halloween and that Irish-Americans popularised it in the 20th Century. Experts in Germany say Halloween was invented by witches in the Black Forest of Germany. Be that as it may, law-enforcement authorities in Germany are alarmed at a dramatic increase in vandalism and lawless carousing on October 31 by young Germans who are attempting to re-enact scenes from Hollywood movies depicting Trick-‘r’-Treat antics.

The claim that Black Forest witches invented Halloween comes from historians in the small towns of Hausach and Gutach near Freiburg, deep in the Black Forest in south-western Germany. “For centuries, long before the Americans ever came up with Halloween, wise women in the Black Forest were dispelling evil spirits at the autumn harvest by carving gourds and putting candles in them,” says Dieter Kauss, head of the Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum.

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