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Wiccans mark new year

For Wiccans, Samhain (pronounced SOW-wen), or Halloween, is the beginning of the Celtic new year, as well as the feast of the dead.
But there are no pointy hats or devilish ceremonies involved, as some may be inclined to think.
“There is no Satan in our craft,” said Lady Etane Elizabeth, a practicing Wiccan from Mystic. “Our motto is ‘Do no harm always.’ We never brew evil.”
The fact people think so is a shame, she said. “People are deceived into thinking of us as a cult. But we’re about coming together, living on what the land gave us, and becoming spiritually fit.”
And Samhain is a time for Wiccans to come together and celebrate, she said.
Samhein is the last of the three harvest feasts, after Lammas and the Fall Equinox. It is also a holiday when one remembers and honors the dead. Some Samhain feasts have an empty place at the table where a plate is set for a deceased loved one, also known as a dumb supper.

Read the original article at: Norwich Bulletin

Read the original article at: Norwich Bulletin

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