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Harry Potter author tops list of writers Americans most want banned

Book ban: there were more than 3000 attempts to remove JK Rowling’s books from schools and public libraries. On these shores she is the writer who waved a magic wand and turned millions of computer-obsessed youngsters into bookworms. But across the Atlantic in America, the spell J K Rowling and her Harry Potter series have cast of the nation’s youth have had a unexpected side-effect. The author is now number one on the list of writers Americans want to ban. The multi-millionaire mother of three’s tales about the boy wizard have been interpreted by some as an attempt to promote the occult or Satanism. As a result, the American Library Association reports there were more than 3000 attempts to remove her books from schools and public libraries between 2000 and 2005. But Rowling, who lives in Perthshire, believes the top 10 offensive writers list contains so many wonderful authors that her inclusion on it as a badge of honour.

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