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Ritual Crimes and the Occult

by Britt Conway
A shooting on a college campus in Canada. Nineteen were hurt and one was killed. Police say the man who did it was gothic. “That case in Canada is not the only case of it’s kind that we’ve experienced in the last couple of years. There’s been other cases like that.” Don Rimer should know. He’s been investigating satanic and ritual crimes for 25 years. “What we know as the goth world is expanding.” And it’s why Don spends his time teaching others the warning signs before a simple interest in goth turns into an interest in ritual crimes.  “Different behaviors, different group of friends. When a child is allowed to dress all in black and paint their face white and they tell mom and dad it’s just part of my culture, it’s just part of my music and all of my friends are doing it, mom and dad need to be alert at that moment.” And whether it’s satanists, goths or vampires, Don says one thing connects them all. “Case after case after case after case and that’s it. The death thing. The need to kill.”

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