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September 2006
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Stones – Serpentine

“Serpentine helps one understand that gentleness can be strength…”

The name serpentine comes from both the serpent like patterns on the stone and the belief that the stones were protection from or curative for snake bites. The colors range from white to gray, yellow to green and brown to black and have splotches. The . . . → Read More: Stones – Serpentine

The Cailleach Bheara

The Cailleach Bheara, meaning “Old Woman” or “Old Wife,” is found widespread throughout both Ireland and Scotland. Many mountains, lakes, and rivers are said to have been created by her. Even some of the cairns are reputed to be piles of stones which fell from her apron. The Cailleach Bheara forms a triple goddess with . . . → Read More: The Cailleach Bheara

Raising spirits

By Jennifer Huberdeau Ghost hunters converge on Masonic Temple…The small wooden table began to shake and slowly rise from the floor as the chanting of “lift, lift, lift,” filled the darkened hall of the Masonic Temple on Church Street during the final hours of Saturday night. “I need everyone to focus their energy on those . . . → Read More: Raising spirits

Candomblé in Florida

BY CASEY WOODS A high priest of the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomblé has gathered a small following in South Florida. He will speak at the Brazilian consulate. Antonio Carlos Encarnac¸ao, spiritual son of a revered Brazilian Candomblé temple, caressed the creamy white cowrie shells on the small table in front of him. ”They can tell . . . → Read More: Candomblé in Florida

Shaman as a guide to spiritual inner peace

by Rebecca Lerner Instead of the four-dimensional reality to which we’re accustomed, string theory posits that the universe is made of 10 to 23 dimensions vibrating on different frequencies. What would it be like to tune into another plane of existence? Just ask a shaman. Humans have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of . . . → Read More: Shaman as a guide to spiritual inner peace

Vast, ancient cave astounds geologists

By Chuck Squatriglia Four amateur cave explorers in Sequoia National Park have discovered a vast cave formed 1 million years ago, a labyrinth that stretches more than 1,000 feet into a mountain and features some of the most beautiful rock formations ever seen. Millions of crystals along its walls shimmer like diamonds. Translucent mineral “curtains” . . . → Read More: Vast, ancient cave astounds geologists

Harry Potter’s magical coming of age

By Stephen Downie THE boy wizard is back. But as this first picture from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix shows, the bespectacled magician – played by Daniel Radcliffe – is transforming into a young man.

Order of the Phoenix, being filmed at Britain’s Leavesden Studios, is the fifth movie in the series . . . → Read More: Harry Potter’s magical coming of age

Of Pirates And Pagans

by BY BECKY OHLSEN If you could peel the roof off Portland and get an unimpeded bird’s-eye view, you’d see some odd goings-on. Subcultures spring up here like mushrooms. We live in a city of people with secret identities: gamers, strippers, artists, bikers, punk rockers, Zoobombers and soapbox derby racers, to name a few. But . . . → Read More: Of Pirates And Pagans

Loch Ness Monster


START looking into the phenomenon of the Loch Ness Monster and you cannot help but stir up controversy. Nessie is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland and every year thousands of tourists make the trip to the banks of Loch Ness. But the question of what is, or isn’t, beneath . . . → Read More: Loch Ness Monster

Of Ghosts and Ghoulies

Hallowe’en was the time when people lit bonfires against evil spirits and when the souls of the dead were supposed to visit their old homes. The festival had from early times a close association with all sorts of apparitions, who were not, however, solely linked to this time of year. One common one causing fright . . . → Read More: Of Ghosts and Ghoulies