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September 2006
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Illumination from Within: Heeding Your Call

by Erika Ginnis

This article is about following your call and knowing who you are, but it could easily be about any number of things – perseverance, commitment, focus, following your dream – because, in a way, it is about all these things. We each have a unique purpose in this lifetime, something that we . . . → Read More: Illumination from Within: Heeding Your Call

Parking bays transformed into green space

PING-PONG in the rain and gardens blooming in parking spaces greeted workers on Friday, as a Farringdon street was reclaimed from the cars. The event, organised by Islington Council, challenged designers to transform a humble parking space into a place of fun and relaxation. It was intended to make people think seriously about what a . . . → Read More: Parking bays transformed into green space

Neglect spells trouble for historic witch house

By Jon Brodkin

The home of an accused witch who fled to Framingham to escape the Salem witch trials is one of the “10 Most Endangered Historic Resources” in Massachusetts, a statewide advocacy group said yesterday. The Peter and Sarah Clayes House at 657 Salem End Road, a street named for the town Clayes and . . . → Read More: Neglect spells trouble for historic witch house

Away with the fairies?

by IAN JOHNSTON Thomas the Rhymer – the man known as Scotland’s Nostradamus, was said to have predicted the death of King Alexander III, the battle of Bannockburn and the succession of a Scottish king to the English throne. Such is the chilling accuracy of his supposed soothsaying that the fame of Thomas the Rhymer, . . . → Read More: Away with the fairies?

Letting Go

The tree out front still clings to its dry brittle autumn leaves, although by all calendars the first day of spring was two days ago. “Let go!” I implore it. Last year I pulled its leaves off in an attempt to “help” it get ready for spring. But it did the same thing this year . . . → Read More: Letting Go


by Jennifer Emick Cernunnos is the mysterious horned deity worshipped by Iron age Celts across Europe until the end of the first century. Very little is known about Cernunnos except his name and his image, which appears on numerous stonecarvings and other artifacts throughout Europe. He appears crowned with stag’s antlers, is often seated in . . . → Read More: Cernunnos

Wheel in the sky

BY MICHELLE TEA I arrive at the offices of Red Wheel–Weiser–Conari promptly at 11:11 a.m., as requested by Brenda Knight, associate publisher and director of special markets. Why, I ask Knight, did she schedule our meeting for 11:11? “Because that’s angel time!” she brightly explains. “That’s when you can connect with angels — 11:11 a.m. . . . → Read More: Wheel in the sky

Pagan couple will not be separated by death

One of the city’s most charismatic couples – the White Witch and Wizard of Milton Keynes – are refusing to be separated even by death. Popular Reg Griffiths, the Stantonbury Parish Council chairman who is known as Merlin of Avalon, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just four months to live. He and . . . → Read More: Pagan couple will not be separated by death

Pagans help community


Nancy White volunteers for community fundraisers, runs a successful home-based business and is a pretty typical Santa Clarita mom. She’s also a witch. As a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Pagan Network, she and a few dozen others worship in their own way, as diverse as the other religions represented in . . . → Read More: Pagans help community

AU Warns VA To Recognize Wiccans’ Rights

AU’s Lynn Says Department of Veterans Affairs Must Recognize Religious-Liberty Rights Of All Veterans. Americans United for Separation of Church and State today warned the Department of Veterans Affairs that litigation will become unavoidable if it continues to discriminate against Wiccans by denying the right to include the Pentacle, the Wiccan emblem of belief, on . . . → Read More: AU Warns VA To Recognize Wiccans’ Rights