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Monday, September 25, 2006 7 pm local time Worldwide

Join in this worldwide spiritual support vigil for the Veteran Pentacle Quest on the one-year anniversary of the death of Sgt. Patrick Stewart, the first Wiccan to be killed in the War on Terror in Afghanistan. On Monday, September 25 at 7 pm in your local . . . → Read More: LIGHTS OF LIBERTY CANDLELIGHT VIGIL

Enough With the ‘One God’ Stuff

By James Foley The Greeks and Romans, the Hindus, and the Egyptians all imagined many different gods who hang out together, the way people throughout the world do. These cultures envisioned social gods with busy existences who like pleasure, food, sex, art and other good things of life. As with people, the social ties among . . . → Read More: Enough With the ‘One God’ Stuff

The Jack-O-Lantern

It has become tradition among many pagans and witches to mark the four quarters of the Samhain circle with Jack-O-Lanterns and/or set one in a window or on a porch as a beacon to spirits. The candle flame represents the element of Fire and the white light of pure spirit, both very appropriate to the . . . → Read More: The Jack-O-Lantern

The Lacombe Corn Maze

It has taken the industry by storm in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and is now available for the first time in Canada. They provide safe fun for all without the hazards normally associated with traditional trampoline-like jumping platforms. Safe, enjoyable, and hours of fun! The Lacombe Corn Maze is now one of Alberta’s premier . . . → Read More: The Lacombe Corn Maze

Pagans Share, Celebrate Faith

by LORIE JEWELL Teri Gurnell is a Wiccan and proud of it. Gurnell, in fact, is a high priestess in the pagan religion she found her way to a little more than 20 years ago in New York City. She is one of several speakers sharing their knowledge and insights about paganism and its various . . . → Read More: Pagans Share, Celebrate Faith

Bulgaria fights the curse of the gangsters

by Daniel McLaughlin Luck is only sometimes on the side of Bulgaria’s archaeologists, as they race gangsters to unearth the treasure of the ancient Thracians. It was with Daniela Agre last month when she came across a Black Sea hotel owner flattening a 2,000-year-old burial mound and found a horde of gold and silver jewellery . . . → Read More: Bulgaria fights the curse of the gangsters

Druid accuses Oxford ‘grave robbers’

by Robin Turner A WELSH druid spent the lightning-lashed weekend in a Gower cave to highlight his claim that academics from Oxford are “grave robbers”. Retired engineer Chris Warwick, who became a druid some years ago, wants an ancient skeleton known as the Red Lady of Paviland returned to its burial place in Gower’s Paviland . . . → Read More: Druid accuses Oxford ‘grave robbers’

Personal Key to Happiness

by Maria Shaw

You probably already know a lot about your zodiac sign by reading your favorite horoscope column. But there’s  more astrology can tell you than you’re a workaholic, a great lover or a  dedicated family man. The cosmos can also give help you discover something about personal fulfillment, inner peace and happiness.

Aries . . . → Read More: Personal Key to Happiness

Detroit Pagan Pride draws complaints

By Jim Kasuba Sept. 9 wasn’t your typical day at Bishop Park. While children came to play as usual, walkers strolled along the riverside and freighter watchers assumed their posts, there was another group in the park that might have seemed a bit out of place to some of the regulars. The Federation of Circles . . . → Read More: Detroit Pagan Pride draws complaints

Myths of British Ancestry

by Stephen Oppenheimer The fact that the British and the Irish both live on islands gives them a misleading sense of security about their unique historical identities. But do we really know who we are, where we come from and what defines the nature of our genetic and cultural heritage? Who are and were the . . . → Read More: Myths of British Ancestry