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September 2006
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by Joan Relke In mythical times a mystical python in a hidden cave communed with the Great Goddess Gaia. This snake, like many of her serpentine sisters in the ancient world, prophesied the future and dispensed divine knowledge, which later, in the Book of Genesis, was deemed forbidden and deadly. The early people of Greece, . . . → Read More: Pythia

The Wiccan Warrior

By Kerr Cuhulain Each person has the Warrior inside of them. It is a personal decision as to whether you use this archetype or not. Making a connection with the Warrior inside of you is a way of accessing energy and magic that can bring many positive changes into your life. Jungian psychoanalyst Robert . . . → Read More: The Wiccan Warrior

New Book Series Rivals Harry Potter

The story opens as 13-year-old Kaleb Cunningham wakes up the morning after a sleepover at his best friend Mike’s house. Kaleb and his family are witches; Mike is Catholic. In a series of flashbacks, Simmons takes readers back to Mike’s arrival in the neighborhood, when the spirits (ghosts) of Kaleb’s long-dead ancestors welcome its new . . . → Read More: New Book Series Rivals Harry Potter

Hiring of psychic taints Colombian prosecutor’s office

By Joshua Goodman

Colombia’s chief prosecutor hired a psychic who hypnotized his staff and even performed an exorcism over a voodoo doll in exchange for a government paycheque and use of an armoured car. The ensuing scandal has mesmerized the nation. The federal prosecutor, Mario Iguaran, says he hired Armando Marti last year to help . . . → Read More: Hiring of psychic taints Colombian prosecutor’s office

Sheep mutilated ‘in Satanic rituals’

By Simon de Bruxelles

COX TOR on Dartmoor is as bleak and lonely as anywhere in southern England. Now, for dozens of farmers who graze their sheep on the surrounding commons, it is also a place of fear. This month alone more than 30 sheep grazing there have been found mutilated and laid . . . → Read More: Sheep mutilated ‘in Satanic rituals’

What the Romans did to us

IT was 42AD and a tribesman who would soon become a Welsh hero was sitting uncomfortably in the thoughts of the Roman emperor. Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known just as Claudius, was stuttering and spluttering his way through his indignation, the disabled administrator – whom many had underestimated to their cost – apoplectic . . . → Read More: What the Romans did to us

Community Centre upset over occult classes

USERS of a community centre say they are shocked and unhappy that a workshop in the ritual uses of Satanism is to start at their meeting place. But leaders of Worle Community Centre say they were told the workshop would simply involve lessons in meditation, rather than exploring occultist rituals. Since the Weston & Somerset . . . → Read More: Community Centre upset over occult classes

Lore and Magick of the Harvest

by Asherah

Often pagan harvest celebrations involved a whole series of festivities, of which I still generally approve, starting with a rite offering up the first fruits and culminating with a ritual centering around the final harvest. The Iroquois of the northeastern United States have a typical succession, beginning in June and lasting through . . . → Read More: Lore and Magick of the Harvest

Son completes unfinished Tolkien

An unfinished book by JRR Tolkien has been edited into a completed work by his son for publication next year. Christopher Tolkien has spent 30 years working on The Children of Hurin, which The Lord of the Rings author started in 1918 and later abandoned. Extracts from The Children of Hurin have been published before. . . . → Read More: Son completes unfinished Tolkien

Mind Control by Parasites

By Bill Christensen

Half of the world’s human population is infected with Toxoplasma, parasites in the body—and the brain. Remember that. Toxoplasma gondii is a common parasite found in the guts of cats; it sheds eggs that are picked up by rats and other animals that are eaten by cats. Toxoplasma forms cysts in the . . . → Read More: Mind Control by Parasites