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September 2006
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The 29th Year – Saturn Return

Many of us approach our thirtieth birthdays with anxiety, even dread. We start looking for gray hairs and paying attention to ads for wrinkle creams. We question whether we are climbing the career ladder quickly enough. We hear the biological clock ticking loudly and worry that soon we will be too old to bear children.

. . . → Read More: The 29th Year – Saturn Return

Emotion rules the brain’s decisions

The evidence has been piling up throughout history, and now neuroscientists have proved it’s true: The brain’s wiring emphatically relies on emotion over intellect in decision-making. A brain-imaging study reported in the current Science examines “framing,” a hot topic among psychologists, economists and political hucksters.

Framing studies have shown that how a question is . . . → Read More: Emotion rules the brain’s decisions

Doomsday 2012?

By Holly Lebowitz Rossi Why spiritual seekers wait with wonder for December 21, 2012, the day the ancient Mayan calendar cycle changes. Followers of New Age spirituality have long turned to indigenous religions for wisdom and inspiration, so it has not escaped their notice that something big happens in 2012: the ancient and complex . . . → Read More: Doomsday 2012?

Who were the Druids?

In Ireland, there were two separate groups of political institutions. Both of these groups of people were powerful in the politics of the ancient Irish, but the power was fundamentally different. These two groups were the members of the tuathas (“tribe”) on one hand, and the Aes Dana (men of art) on the other. Their . . . → Read More: Who were the Druids?

Local Nature Spirits

My father was no Euell Gibbons but he was a passable mountain man. We would fish and set out quail or rabbit traps in the morning and in the afternoon we would search the meadows and mountain slopes for wild edibles. We collected cactus, sorrel, pig weed, dandelions, mushrooms, fennel, blackberries, gooseberries, acorns, black walnuts, . . . → Read More: Local Nature Spirits

The Potter, the Witch and the Druglord

As the Harry Potter juggernaut bulldozes merrily along, just about everybody has stepped into the cauldron of hot, churning action. And that includes drug dealers no less! Heck, they know a good thing when they see it!

Not to be left out of the Harry Potter phenomenon, New York drug dealers have started peddling ecstasy . . . → Read More: The Potter, the Witch and the Druglord

Taking Personal Responsibility

Did you ever stop to think that everything you are or ever will be is completely up to you? Just imagine! You are where you are because of who you are. Everything that exists in your life exists because of you, because of your behavior, words and actions. Because you have freedom of choice and . . . → Read More: Taking Personal Responsibility

The Roma

The Roma people originally lived in north west India, and migrated to Persia from 224 to 642 CE. They lived under Arab rule in the Middle East from 642 to 900 CE, and eventually arrived in Constantinople. 17 Some authorities believe that there may have been additional migrations at a later date. By the 14th . . . → Read More: The Roma

The Harvest Moon

by Fiona Blackwolf

The Wheel keeps turning and the days are getting shorter and shorter. The air has a slight chill to it and the fields and gardens are ripe with bounty. It is the time of the Harvest Moon of September. This moon is also referred to as the Wine Moon or the Singing . . . → Read More: The Harvest Moon

Wiccans spread the word

By Kathleen Horton

When Michael Zult speaks, people listen. Though the redhead Wiccan priest’s voice is gentle, his six-foot-eight-inch physical frame commands attention. And standing in his shadow, but not overshadowed, is Wicca priestess Angela Gallant. “People focus so much on Mike and I giggle because, of course with our beliefs, the focus is . . . → Read More: Wiccans spread the word