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September 2006
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Sex And Heresy

TOWARDS the end of the Middle Ages, Pope Innocent VIII issued the Bull Summa desiderantes. This is almost invariably described as a Bull against witchcraft, but a glance at the text suggests that this is hardly an adequate description.

It has indeed lately come to Our ears . . . that in some parts . . . → Read More: Sex And Heresy

Lunar gardening

by William Scheick Devoted gardeners, always secretly uneasy about the extent of their obsession, might briefly wonder if they have just been called lunatics. But they will likely decide that lunar gardening refers to growing night-blooming flowers. Or, they may even briefly visualize werewolves or vampires — an accidental but apt metaphor for plant-damaging nocturnal . . . → Read More: Lunar gardening

The Celtic Otherworld

THE Heaven-World of the ancient Celts, unlike that of the Christians, was not situated in some distant, unknown region of planetary space, but here on our own earth. As it was necessarily a subjective world, poets could only describe it in terms more or less vague; and its exact geographical location, accordingly, differed widely in . . . → Read More: The Celtic Otherworld

Museum of Witchcraft Diary

WEBCAM ALERT!! Well many have asked for it & now it’s a reality! Graham has set up a very basic webcam trained on the front of the museum. No, it is not to spy on who comes through the door (although that could be interesting hmmmmm). The main reason is to keep a log of . . . → Read More: Museum of Witchcraft Diary

Cats and Witchcraft

The association with cats and witchcraft began with the church’s persecution of religious groups, some of whom worshipped the cat. In the 12th C persecution spread to splinter groups of the church itself, such as the Cathars who the church accused of worshipping the Devil in the form of a cat. This led to stories . . . → Read More: Cats and Witchcraft

The Astrology of Eris

By Lynn Hayes Along with the elevation to Planethood of 2003 UB313 (formerly known as Xena) now comes an official name: Eris, named after the Greek goddess that set off the Trojan war by throwing the golden apple into the circle of goddesses that would ultimately be for the fairest of them all. The goddesses . . . → Read More: The Astrology of Eris

Pagan Roots of the Bible

Christians maintain that the difference between their religion and all other is that theirs is based on history, all others are based on myth. This is a convenient fiction that has allowed the Christian religion to evangelize one quarter of the world population. Some research into this claim shows that most of the incidents of . . . → Read More: Pagan Roots of the Bible

A Pagan Pride Day wish?

By Jessica Ravitz As much as Salt Lake’s Pagan Pride Day is about celebrating the harvest and honoring pagan identity, it is more about educating the broader community, festival organizers say. It’s about dispelling stereotypes, promoting understanding and just having a good time. “There are no funny things going on,” says Lisa Gift, the local . . . → Read More: A Pagan Pride Day wish?


One of the important factors in the development of any society is a proper social outlook. In the past, entire civilizations have weakened and crumbled simply because one class or group in the society considered another to be inferior and treated them as slaves. Today one of the greatest weaknesses of contemporary civilization is that . . . → Read More: Neo-Humanism

Harry Potter leads to occult

by Angela E. Lackey Kelly Appold only wants parents to know how the popular Harry Potter books can affect their children.  “I’m here to give you information,” said Appold, 38. “Do with it what you will.” About 30 people attended “The Effects of Harry Potter” at Bay City’s Wirt Library. Appold, an Auburn mother of . . . → Read More: Harry Potter leads to occult