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September 2006
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Britain’s human history revealed

Eight times humans came to try to live in Britain and on at least seven occasions they failed – beaten back by freezing conditions. Scientists think they can now write a reasonably comprehensive history of the occupation of these isles. It stretches from 700,000 years ago and the first known settlers at Pakefield in Suffolk, . . . → Read More: Britain’s human history revealed

‘Pagan’ well sparks blessing row

A church leader who sparked outrage after refusing to bless a controversial well dressing because it had a ‘Pagan’ symbol is standing by his decision. Rev Andrew Montgomerie, Rector of Eyam, angered local residents when he would not perform the traditional ‘blessing’ ceremony on one of the village’s three wells during carnival celebrations.

Mr Montgomerie . . . → Read More: ‘Pagan’ well sparks blessing row

Committment in the age of hypocrisy

Open up your hat of hypocrisy and think hard. Your mind is your secret vault and only you can delve into it. How often have you gaped at the lives of renowned media icons and wish that we had a life like them? How often have you liked another person’s wife and wished you had . . . → Read More: Committment in the age of hypocrisy

Bad Brooms Risin’

By Val Van Meter He writes fiction. She writes how-to books. Both write about their religion. Both are witches. M. R. Sellars and Dorothy Morrison are on a tour they call “Bad Brooms Risin’ 2006′. Sellars and Morrison will present a seminar about “Magickal Solutions” to problems from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., according to shop . . . → Read More: Bad Brooms Risin’

‘Mermaid’ girl’s legs separated

A medical team in Peru has successfully completed a second operation on a two-year-old girl born with fused legs which should allow her to walk unaided. Head doctor Luis Rubio said Milagros Cerron was stable after surgery and there were no complications. Milagros has “mermaid syndrome” or sirenomelia, a condition which usually kills sufferers within . . . → Read More: ‘Mermaid’ girl’s legs separated

Funeral ground stirs anger over Zoroastrian rites

For centuries, the Zoroastrian dead have been wrapped in white muslin and left at a leafy, funeral ground on downtown Mumbai’s Malabar Hill, where they are devoured by vultures. Only then, according to the tenets of the ancient religion, can the soul be freed. But with just a handful of the critically endangered birds remaining . . . → Read More: Funeral ground stirs anger over Zoroastrian rites

Toronto’s chocolate factory turns 100

Canada’s largest candy company celebrates a century of chocolate-making on Friday by handing out thousands of chocolate bars for free. The Cadbury Adams chocolate factory, located in a residential neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, is one of the city’s few inner-city factories. “Our Factory has been a vibrant part of Toronto’s history for more than 100 . . . → Read More: Toronto’s chocolate factory turns 100

Villagers set up witchcraft schools

Lucknow, Sept 08: Villagers in the hamlets that dot the Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh have hit upon a novel way of routing out the witch doctors who routinely fleece them. They send their children to the witchcraft training schools run by the village council in the public squares.

What they get in return . . . → Read More: Villagers set up witchcraft schools

The Mabinogion and the Mabinogi

Those interested in Celtic mythology, historians of the Welsh nation, or students of the Arthurian tradition and medieval literature in general, will all, at one time or another, find themselves referred to a group of medieval stories known collectively as The Mabinogion. The name Mabinogion (pronounced ‘Mabin-OGion’) was given by William Pughe, an 18th century . . . → Read More: The Mabinogion and the Mabinogi

They don’t like Wiccans, either

by Bernard Sullivan The shameful treatment by the military of homosexual men and women makes the boast that America is dedicated to freedom a tad difficult to swallow. The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” solution embraced by leaders of both major parties to deal with allowing gays to serve in the military in the past decade . . . → Read More: They don’t like Wiccans, either