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September 2006
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Modern Grimoire Folk Magick

by Aaron Leitch European Folk Magick in the New World The medieval Solomonic grimoires are, in fact, a sub-set of a larger literary genre – the folkloric “receipt-book.” (The word “receipt”, used in this sense, is an archaic form of the word “recipe.”) A receipt-book was a hand-written journal of family and local folklore, passed . . . → Read More: Modern Grimoire Folk Magick

A wing and a prayer

by Brian Whitaker Planes are kept aloft by aerodynamics, not divine intervention. I have often travelled on planes next to Christians who crossed themselves or Muslims who whispered a prayer before take-off. It happens in all faiths, so the reaction of a Canadian airline to a Jewish man who prayed in his seat seems both . . . → Read More: A wing and a prayer

Eagle Ancestors Hunted Early Humans

by James Owen Ancient relatives of eagles not only hunted and ate early humans but also influenced how our species evolved, a new study suggests. The findings are based on an analysis of more than 600 modern-day monkey bones collected beneath the nests of African crowned eagles in the rain forests of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory . . . → Read More: Eagle Ancestors Hunted Early Humans

Women priests challenge tradition

By Rebecca Rosen Lum At 11, Kathleen Stack Kunster felt a strong pull to the priesthood. When the 61-year-old Emeryville, Calif., woman was finally ordained July 31 in a riverboat ceremony in Pennsylvania she cried for an hour and a half. “It was extremely powerful – amazing,” said Kunster, who has a master’s degree in . . . → Read More: Women priests challenge tradition

Who Was Mabon?

by Dana Corby H.R. Ellis-Davidson quotes the Venerable Bede, who translates Modron as the Mothers — plural. Modern translators give it as the Mother — singular. Linguistic evidence may well support the plural interpretation, for although Mabon ap is unequivocally Welsh, Modron may not be: in Saxon, the singular of Modron becomes Modr — recognizably . . . → Read More: Who Was Mabon?

Ancient Voices & Honorary Christians?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters If you are an ancient pagan who is well regarded as a thinker today, you too may gain the laurels of “associate” Christian according to Neil Young of Christianity Today.

“Would you wish for the praise of one who thrice an hour calls down curses on his own head? Would you please . . . → Read More: Ancient Voices & Honorary Christians?

Telepathy and afterlife cause uproar at science forum

By Mark Henderson SCIENTISTS claiming to have evidence of life after death and the powers of telepathy triggered a furious row at Britain’s premier science festival yesterday. Organisers of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (the BA) were accused of lending credibility to maverick theories on the paranormal by allowing the highly controversial . . . → Read More: Telepathy and afterlife cause uproar at science forum

Against All Odds, Witch School Survives

For five years the teachers of Witch School have led a global effort to bring the wonder and magick of Wicca to the world. Against all odds they have survived in a world that all too often declares them the source of evil.

From the Heartland of America a rising force for good is emerging. . . . → Read More: Against All Odds, Witch School Survives

Sick days, from witch doctor

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Tribal healers, often known as witch doctors, are to be permitted to give patients official sick days recognized by employers, the state media reported Wednesday. Deputy Health Minister Edwin Maguti told a gathering of traditional healers and herbalists that only members of the 1,500-strong state-approved Traditional Medical Practitioners Council would be allowed . . . → Read More: Sick days, from witch doctor

Parents step up campaign against B.C. same-sex course

A parents’ group opposed to a new B.C. elective course teaching gay and lesbian issues is taking its fight to schools boards, in an effort to pressure the provincial government.Concerned Parents of British Columbia wants the province to reverse its recent decision to allow a same-sex couple to help develop the social justice course. Coquitlam . . . → Read More: Parents step up campaign against B.C. same-sex course