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September 2006
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Seeking the secrets of Stonehenge

By Helen Thomas Archaeologists have been digging ancient sites around Stonehenge to find clues about when they were first built. The dig, being conducted by archaeologists from several universities, is part of the Stonehenge Riverside Project, which is investigating Woodhenge, Stonehenge Cursus and Durrington Walls, to learn more about their connection to the famous stone . . . → Read More: Seeking the secrets of Stonehenge

‘We should admit defeat in battle with superstition’

HUMANS are born to be superstitious and scientists should abandon attempts to persuade everyone to think rationally all the time, an academic claimed yesterday. Experiments with young children showed that humans have a tendency to speculate about “unobservable properties” from an early age. Professor Bruce Hood, of Bristol University, said this desire to know the . . . → Read More: ‘We should admit defeat in battle with superstition’

Days numbered for seal hunt

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. (CP) – The European Parliament issued a declaration Wednesday demanding the European Union ban importation of seal products in what animal rights activists say could spell the end of Canada’s commercial seal hunt. The written declaration, signed by 368 EU legislators, aims to shut the European market for seal hides and fur . . . → Read More: Days numbered for seal hunt

Mind Uploading

Neurons, the basic stuff of the human brain, suffer from several major deficiencies. Neurons are slow; a neuron has a firing rate of only 200 times per second, and the signals travel at a maximum speed of only 150 meters per second. We lose neurons as we age, rather than adding on additional brainpower. Neurons . . . → Read More: Mind Uploading


Amniomancy – from the Latin ‘amnion’ (meaning membrane), it is a method of divination by means of the membrane which sometimes envelopes the head of a baby at birth. From the inspection of it, the diviner predicts what sort of future the newborn will have.This membrane, called caul, if red-colored signifies that the child in . . . → Read More: Amniomancy

The Ancient Gods and Neo-Paganism

By Aaron Leitch (Khephera) As we all know, there is no shortage of bad scholarship in the circle of Neo-Pagan authors. From history to the proper methods and uses of magick, the student is sure to be besieged by information that is either worthless, or perhaps even detrimental to their personal goals. Any good book . . . → Read More: The Ancient Gods and Neo-Paganism

Mother Moon

by EmilysGhost

The Moon represents enlightenment and knowledge to me. She is always there even though clouds and storms may hide her form from my view. She changes and I change with her. She is large and softly lights the way for the primitive, the farmer, the sailor, the seer. She becomes invisible and . . . → Read More: Mother Moon

HPV Vaccine Approved; Prevents Cervical Cancer

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first vaccine against human papillomavirus, or HPV, the virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. It gave the green light to Merck’s Gardasil Thursday, just a few weeks after an advisory panel recommended the action. Cancer experts hailed the decision as an important step . . . → Read More: HPV Vaccine Approved; Prevents Cervical Cancer

Sensual Sacraments

by Jesse Wolf Hardin Imagine if you will, turning out the lamp and lighting the candles next to a heated tub, opening our nostrils a little wider at the scent of grapefruit and orange, a bouquet of lavender billowing out of blooming steam. Or picture, perhaps, an antique clawfoot like ours– perched outdoors overlooking the . . . → Read More: Sensual Sacraments

Measuring the Psychic Pain of War

Two weeks ago, Columbia University researchers announced that the psychological fallout from the Vietnam War is less extensive than previously thought. For years, mental-health experts had relied upon the 1988 National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study, which examined the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in 260 Vietnam veterans. Mandated by Congress, the study originally reported that . . . → Read More: Measuring the Psychic Pain of War