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September 2006
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The Judgment of Paris

Paris grew up unaware of his noble birth. In his late teens, he learned who his real parents were and went to Troy, where he was accepted into the house of his father, King Priam. However, prior to returning to his birth family, Paris had a fateful encounter with three beautiful goddesses. He was tending . . . → Read More: The Judgment of Paris

The science of color

Remember the thrill of opening a fresh pack of Crayolas on the first day of school? Whichever color you reached for first — cerulean blue, sea green, burnt sienna — just made you feel good all over.m”As adults, we need to be like kids with a box of crayons, feeling a sense of joy in . . . → Read More: The science of color

Semen may Fuel Cervical Cancer

The growth of cervical and womb cancers may be fuelled by a hormone-like molecule in semen, a study suggests. The Medical Research Council team found that the exceptionally high levels of prostaglandin fuelled tumour growth. They told the journals Endocrinology and Human Reproduction that women with either cancer should ask their partners to wear . . . → Read More: Semen may Fuel Cervical Cancer

Pluto’s Continuing Impact

by  Philip Brown Astrologers have observed Pluto’s intense and unmistakable influences for over seventy years in world events, trends, the horoscopes of friends and clients, and in our own lives. However, on August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union, meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, voted to re-classify Pluto as a “dwarf planet”—and also as “the . . . → Read More: Pluto’s Continuing Impact

Powwow focuses on nature

By Bob Withers Attend a powwow and you stand a chance of getting closer to nature — and its Creator. There are elk-skin “possibles” bags, with deer horn buttons, holding the tobacco that dancers scatter on the Earth to bless her. Abalone shells hold white sage leaves for “smudging” — the smoke is believed to . . . → Read More: Powwow focuses on nature

The Christian Right and the Dark Arts

By Taliesin Govannon When I was first given the idea to write an article comparing the tactics of the religious right to the “dark arts” a la Harry Potter, I must admit I was tempted to write a snark-o-rama to entertain progressive intellectuals. However, the more that I thought about it, I realized that this . . . → Read More: The Christian Right and the Dark Arts

Books for the Advancing Wiccan

by Fiona Blackwolf There are so many books on the market that show people how to get started practicing Wicca, work with spells, or learn about herbs and stones. But at some point you may want to look beyond the basics and explore the practice of Wicca at a deeper level. Until fairly recently, there . . . → Read More: Books for the Advancing Wiccan

Divine Magic of Brazil

By Sara Williams

Rozi Frye carefully places different colored candles in the mandala, a chalk sketch of what looks like a kite, drawn in preparation for a Divine Magic healing ceremony, also called a “curativa.” In the small rectangular room above an art gallery, the white walls are decorated by 10 of Frye’s original paintings . . . → Read More: Divine Magic of Brazil

Witches’ magic in Los Tuxtlas

By DAI HUYNH Hexes and blessings are muttered in the same breath where witchcraft is a way of life. The witch is cloaked in a black gown with a Chinese yin-and-yang sign, representing the moon and sun. Dark and light. Through lace curtains, a shaft of light casts an eerie glow onto the altar. A . . . → Read More: Witches’ magic in Los Tuxtlas

Reiki teachers hit back at priest’s Satanic warning

Reiki teachers have hit out at a priest who branded the Japanese healing methods as the work of Satan, it emerged today. Father Tom Ingoldsby of the Salesian Order accused patients of the complementary therapy of “opening the door to evil and occult forces which have later side effects”.

But the Reiki Federation of Ireland . . . → Read More: Reiki teachers hit back at priest’s Satanic warning