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September 2006
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Canadian pilot’s toilet drama

Passengers on a Canadian plane had an unsettling in-flight experience after the pilot found himself locked out of the cockpit after a trip to the toilet. Instead of slipping back inside, the Air Canada Jazz pilot was seen banging on the door and talking to his first officer on an internal phone. Crew members were . . . → Read More: Canadian pilot’s toilet drama

Religious Movements – Wicca

Name: Wicca, Wicce, the Craft or Neo-Paganism; Wicca means “to bend or alter” from the Old English (Matthews, 339). The derivation of the word “Wicca” has been the subject of much debate among the people who practice it. Some think it was originally a word meaning “wise,” some say it derived from words meaning “twisted.” . . . → Read More: Religious Movements – Wicca

Mystical day out written in cards

by Joanna Hunkin

Witches, Wiccans and New Age therapists are welcome at this weekend’s tarot festival Arcana, but it’s non-believers who should really take a look. Organiser Fern Mercier encourages people from all walks of life to visit the event and experience the art of tarot for themselves. “People who don’t know anything about tarot, . . . → Read More: Mystical day out written in cards

The Science of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing effectively heals the human body and the soul without any medication. Pranic healing is based on the overall structure of the human body, working on a theory that it is composed of visible physical body and the invisible energy body or the etheric body. (The bioplasmic body or the energy body.)

The bioplasmic . . . → Read More: The Science of Pranic Healing

The twig runes of Brodgar

Carved into the broken stump of one of the stones of the Ring o’ Brodgar in Stenness, is a group of Norse runes. The runes are found on the third standing stone, counting clockwise from the ring’s north-western entrance causeway. The style of the runes used on the Brodgar stone is known as twig runes . . . → Read More: The twig runes of Brodgar

Divining Gaia

The are two central concepts or perhaps conceptual gestalts that I have been working with as I attempt to develop a Gaian philosophy. The first I call the “Gaian Mind”. This is the conceptual matrix that orbits around such questions as: Does the Earth have a mind (or at least a brain)? If so, then . . . → Read More: Divining Gaia

Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos

The general function of a Wishing Well is understood from an early age by most people. The user projects some required outcome of events, or “wish” into the well, perhaps accompanied by a symbolic financial donation, and waits for events to take their course. Similar properties are attributed in popular tradition to acts of cutting . . . → Read More: Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos

Brehon Laws

The beginning of the 17th Century saw English law and rule prevail in Ireland and the Irish laws outlawed and declared barbarous. These “barbarous” laws had been what had kept the English from implanting its feudal system in Ireland and from completing its conquest of Ireland for four centuries. These ancient “barbarous” laws of Ireland . . . → Read More: Brehon Laws

Primer on Paganism


It is also important to keep in mind that while we look at paganism, our piece looked at one branch, Wicca — and that there are several sub-branches of practices and faiths. One thing both the witches we spoke to in the piece strongly agree on is that there is no devil . . . → Read More: Primer on Paganism

The Pregnant Woman as Goddess

Pregnancy is a journey into the mystery of life as it emerges from the female body, a sacred event by which we may reclaim the Authentic Feminine Authority. When life grows in the womb, a woman is changed. She experiences a range of emotions and feelings that cannot be explained away by the intellect. She . . . → Read More: The Pregnant Woman as Goddess