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Puritans and Witches

One of the great accusations levelled against Christians who oppose witchcraft is that we want to bring back “the burning times” (i.e., the Salem witch trials). Yet Salem is misunderstood. Most believe that it was the Christians of the Puritan colony who got together one day and decided to hang some witches. That is simply . . . → Read More: Puritans and Witches

A Pagan Muppet?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Ellen Leventry at the Idol Chatter blog wonders if Sesame Street’s newest Muppet Abby Cadabby is a stealth Pagan!

“Abby Cadabby, a fairy-in-training. Abby, who hails from Fairyside Gardens, Queens, is young, eager to learn, and has been described as a feminist who also likes being a “real girly-girl.” Looking different . . . → Read More: A Pagan Muppet?

Clash of Cultures

By John Christian Hopkins

WINDOW ROCK — Time will tell if luck will be a lady in the race to become the next Navajo Nation president. Or will the lady sing the blues? For the first time a woman has made it through the primaries, and now Lynda Lovejoy is looking to become the first . . . → Read More: Clash of Cultures

Earth Angels

by Elleise Do you ever feel like the Mother Ship has dropped you off on a foriegn planet waiting desperately for their return? Have you had a sense very early on in life a mission you had been sent here to do? Then you just might be an Earth Angel. Compelled to help and heal . . . → Read More: Earth Angels

New Book of Magic Chronicles Author’s Transcendent Experiences

By Outskirts Press

Enochian Initiation relates five years of magical experiences of its author, Frater W.I.T., who has been a student of the magical arts for more than twenty years. Within his book, readers are placed at the center of evocational rites that reveal W.I.T.’s deeply personal visions of greater realities that transcend space and . . . → Read More: New Book of Magic Chronicles Author’s Transcendent Experiences

VEGANS: Modern Day Witches

Friends, you needn’t be nostalgic for your mind to occasionally wander back to a better time – a time when the world was far less complicated, when morality reigned supreme, when life was just a whole lot easier and more care-free. I am, of course, referring to the late 1600’s. Lucifer was easier to spot . . . → Read More: VEGANS: Modern Day Witches


Evidence of a building linked to the myth of King Arthur and his knights of the round table has been found at Windsor Castle. The circular structure was built by Edward III in the 14th century to house the round table intended to seat the original 300 Knights of the Garter. Archaeological proof of the . . . → Read More: KING ARTHUR LINK UNCOVERED

Iliad, Odyssey Penned by Woman

by Jennifer Viegas The author of the Greek epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey was probably a woman, according to an upcoming book by a British historian and linguist. Andrew Dalby, author of Rediscovering Homer, argues that the attribution of the poems to Homer was founded on a falsehood. Homer’s link to the poems, . . . → Read More: Iliad, Odyssey Penned by Woman

Going Against God “Just For Fun”

by Marsha West Today we’re hearing a lot about Spiritism or Spiritualism, not to be confused with spiritual or spirituality, as in “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual,” or “I’m into spirituality.” The term Spiritism has replaced what was once called animism and other religious practices involving the invocation of spiritual beings. Some religions meld Spiritualism . . . → Read More: Going Against God “Just For Fun”

Alberta same-sex bill blocked by opposition

Alberta’s opposition parties made good on a promise Monday to delay debate on a Tory private member’s bill that would have allowed commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Speaker Ken Kowalski chastised opposition members for eating up the time allotted for debate with procedural matters, killing backbencher Ted Morton’s controversial Bill 208.”I know what’s . . . → Read More: Alberta same-sex bill blocked by opposition