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Employee of the Week

Portland Mercury, Employee of the Week: Diabolus Rex Magister Templi, Church of Satan

Diabolus Rex is a familiar sight to Portlanders. Forever clad in black and sporting numerous piercings and two four-inch subdermal horns, Rex cuts a mighty swath belying his relatively small stature. A visit to his dungeon showcases his wardrobe of a dozen elegant black leather frock coats, an elaborate metal cage, a three-ton sarcophagus complete with skeleton, and a gallery’s-worth of terrifying, H.R. Geiger-like depictions of hell (Rex’s “heaven”) in paint and steel. There you’ll also meet Balrog, the most fearsome (and sweet!) Renaissance bulldog, who looks very much like the proverbial hound of hell. It turns out that in addition to being a highly respected elder in the Church of Satan, Rex is a devoted animal freak: Three photo albums on the bookshelf of his dungeon commemorate the dozens of pit bulls he’s fostered. Satanism, he explains, is not concerned with race or ethnicity, but rather “the color of one’s soul.” It is the disavowal of all spiritual movements and the acceptance that man’s God lives within him. He’s also rumored to be a wonderful boyfriend, is newly single, and prefers blondes.

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