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Witches Send Blessing to ‘Wicker Man’


One might think modern day witches, who’ve revived ancient traditions in the Wicca faith, would be outraged by the film, as they were with “The Blair Witch Project,” and other negative depictions. Instead, many witches like the original “Wicker Man,” and are eager to see what new twists Cage and director Neil LaBute have brought to the remake. “The original plays on Christian fears of the old traditions, and if you take it literally, it’s a horror story,” says Phyllis Curott, an Ivy League-educated lawyer, author and priestess of the Temple of Ara. “But if you take a literary perspective on ‘Wicker Man,’ it’s really a story of repression versus sexual liberation and eroticism,” Curott says. “You see the charming children dancing around the maypole and other old traditions that sustained societies and were lost.”

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