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The Final Frontier

Reviewed by Dennis Drabelle

GHOST HUNTERS – William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death By Deborah Blum Penguin Press

In the 19th century, an intellectual giant tried to prove that there was an afterlife. When it came to the paranormal, the American psychologist William James manifested what he called “the . . . → Read More: The Final Frontier

Tolbooth’s Ghostly Past Revealed


It Sounds like something from a Hollywood film script, but a team of real-life Scottish “ghostbusters” claim to have encountered 28 spirits on a brief visit to an Aberdeen museum. Paranormal Investigation Scotland spent an afternoon at the Tolbooth, one of Scotland’s best-preserved 17th-century jails, in early February.Tomorrow the team members return . . . → Read More: Tolbooth’s Ghostly Past Revealed

The trouble with menstruating women

by Anna Kasafi Perkins

“Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.”

Women who are called to the ministry struggle against various cultural perceptions of femaleness and the ‘woman’s place’. There is a particular negative way that women are viewed which is compounded in the religious sphere: Women are seen as unclean. . . . → Read More: The trouble with menstruating women

Homing instinct of Bees

Bumblebees can navigate their way home over distances of up to 13km (eight miles), a UK research team has shown. The study also found only worker bees seemed to have this homing ability. Bees pollinate flowering plants and therefore play a crucial role in food webs, but numbers of the insect in Britain have been . . . → Read More: Homing instinct of Bees

The Reaction to the Bible in Paganism

By John Granger Cook

One of the most neglected areas of the reception history of the Bible is the pagan philosophers’ attack on the Bible in the Christian era. [1] There were a number of philosophers who responded negatively to the Bible (Greek OT and the NT) — similar to the response the Stoics and . . . → Read More: The Reaction to the Bible in Paganism

Book of Psalms Unearthed in Ireland

Ireland’s National Museum said Wednesday that a 1,200-year-old Book of Psalms found by a construction worker in a bog was comparable in archaeological significance to “an Irish equivalent to the Dead Sea Scrolls.” The discovery of the ancient Psalter last Thursday was said by museum officials to be remarkable for two main reasons the fact . . . → Read More: Book of Psalms Unearthed in Ireland

Witches hope for spell of success

TWO witches are to open a shop selling witchcraft equipment. Items such as tarot cards and ouija boards will be available when MSTORY opens in the next fortnight. Helene Mobius, a witch and qualified herbalist, said she was expecting opposition to the shop, but urged residents to be tolerant and to respect their views. . . . → Read More: Witches hope for spell of success


By Caroline Lewis Excavations are underway on the Bronze Age log boat. Courtesy Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust. One of the oldest boats discovered in Scotland is being excavated and raised from its site in the Tay Estuary. The Carpow log boat, as it is known, situated near Abernethy, was discovered in 2000. Identifying it . . . → Read More: 3,000-YEAR-OLD LOG BOAT

Intimate Energy Play

by Michelle Belanger

Many of the people I know who work with energy are very tactile, very sensual people. When you are sensitive to energy, so much can be conveyed with a simple touch, and the experience is only heightened when you are with someone else who can appreciate things on that level. The following . . . → Read More: Intimate Energy Play

Lettuce praise dates to Egypt


When you are in the middle of the tedious job of washing lettuce, take solace from the fact you are in good company, probably doing one of the oldest civilized culinary chores.The genus name for lettuce, Lactuca, describes the milky juice found in the stems. (Have you ever noticed this?) There are as . . . → Read More: Lettuce praise dates to Egypt