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Ravens and Crows

by blacksmith brewer

Crows and Ravens are the creatures of the otherworld, and are also portents of omens, magic, witchcraft, death, regeneration, and prophecy. And in truth, anything black was considered a creature of the devil, such as black dogs (the howling of a dog was the announcement of death, and dogs have had a long deep association with death and the otherworld) , black cats (up until the 19th century crows or ravens were seen as witches in disguise, a bad omen as ill-wished as the crow in seeing or crossing paths with like a black cat; and as well as up to 1922 in Somerset the black cat was considered to be a creature of the devil, but to own one was to have its owner looked upon as having a lucky talisman – showing the duality of the folklore) , black horses, and also black birds of most types, such as magpies. Two crows seen was called a “corbie coupling, ” from the Latin word for crow (coracicus, corvinus) . Its powers of omens stopped inaugurations of Archbishops (Such as with Adamson of St. Andrews in 1586 by a man named David Ferguson saying the crow was cawing “Corrupt!” in portent to the intended Archbishop) to battles, to births, peace, etc. And later on, it is still linked to agriculture, as we have the scarecrows, and the folk art of the crow always with the harvest, and even in modern France there is a festival dedicated to this bird in the light of agriculture. And anyone who’s lived with crows, knows them as more than mere birds, some call them “feathered humans” in their ability to speak, and bond with humans.

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