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The Coven of the Grand Concourse


Being a Goth, a member of a global subculture that celebrates all things morbid and occult, Korpse naturally tends toward the funereal. Scanning the cards, he holds up the Five of Cups and announces gloomily: “Here’s my future. Misery.” In America, Goths are usually thought of as white, middle-class and suburban. But the young people who hang out at Fun World live not on Long Island or in Connecticut but in the Bronx, and many of them are newcomers. Korpse, whose real name is Alexis Molina, was born in Puerto Rico. He and his friends, who shift easily between English and Spanish and go by so-called scene names like Selene, Zombie and Dexx, represent a new breed of Goth: immigrants or the children of Spanish speakers and of immigrants from Latin America.

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