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Ravens and Crows

by blacksmith brewer

Crows and Ravens are the creatures of the otherworld, and are also portents of omens, magic, witchcraft, death, regeneration, and prophecy. And in truth, anything black was considered a creature of the devil, such as black dogs (the howling of a dog was the announcement of death, and dogs have had . . . → Read More: Ravens and Crows

Faith and the four-leaf clover

By Ruth Gledhill

Churchgoers in Britain are still highly superstitious and centuries of preaching the Gospel have failed to banish belief in omens and portents of good and bad luck. According to a study, nearly all churchgoers admit to practising superstitious behaviour such as crossing their fingers for luck, touching wood for protection or throwing . . . → Read More: Faith and the four-leaf clover

Bookshelf Organizers

by Karen Glasgow

Crafting, be it handcrafting or Witchcrafting, can be as unique, as diverse and as personal as the person working the pattern or the spell. Each crafting individual brings their own sense of style, purpose and attitudes that will reveal themselves in each item that is produced. Whether you create organizers that . . . → Read More: Bookshelf Organizers

Egyptian Vessel Divination

by Michelle Belanger

The following is taken from the Leyden Papyrus, a collection of magical spells from Hellenic Egypt compiled around 300 AD. The spell, a technique for using a divining vessel, appears on Columns I-III of the papyrus. I have used the original as inspiration, sticking to the text when practical, but otherwise interpreting . . . → Read More: Egyptian Vessel Divination

Why Kids Need Nature

Whether you grew up in a suburb, on a farm, or in a big city, you probably spent a lot of time playing outside, getting dirty, and coming home happy. Maybe you watched ants making anthills in your backyard, climbed trees in the park, or simply lay in the grass contemplating the drifting clouds. Unfortunately, . . . → Read More: Why Kids Need Nature

France’s new Stonehenge

by John Lichfield

A spectacular discovery of Stone Age menhirs in Brittany could unlock the code to one of the most puzzling chapters of human development, and transform our knowledge of mankind’s early history. Some months ago builders were clearing a piece of wasteland in southern Brittany when they struck an enormous hunk of granite. . . . → Read More: France’s new Stonehenge

The secret lives of Maltese pagans

A Massey researcher studying modern day witches and pagans in the Mediterranean island republic of Malta says she has had to conceal the identities of those she interviewed to protect them. Social anthropologist Dr Kathryn Rountree believes the people she interviewed for a book could risk losing their jobs if they became known as practising . . . → Read More: The secret lives of Maltese pagans

The disciplines of Pranic Healing

By Master Choa Kok Sui

What is ‘Pranic healing’? For those who are not aware of the meaning of this term, – Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy healing techniques. It was brought into modern awareness by Master Choa Kok Sui (the author of this book), who is situated in . . . → Read More: The disciplines of Pranic Healing

The Reigate witch Bottle

This witch bottle was dug up at Reigate, just south of London, where it was found buried in a ruined house. The bottle was however complete, the stopper was still in position, so it provided an unusual opportunity to examine the contents. Alan Massey, who has been studying witch bottles, was able to study the . . . → Read More: The Reigate witch Bottle

End of the season with Lammas/Lughnasadh festival

By Marleen Shepherd In his old age, the Irish sun God Lugh is still potent and capable. Even now as the days begin to shorten again in Southern Illinois, his fiery fingers are diligently tending the crops in our long growing season.

It seems a shame, then, to call attention to his autumn demise as . . . → Read More: End of the season with Lammas/Lughnasadh festival