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Master Cpl. Paul Franklin’s inspirational story of survival

Master Corporal Paul Franklin lost both his legs in a suicide bombing in Kandahar earlier this year but doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He says the 2,300 Canadian Forces personnel in Afghanistan are doing heroic work every day, and he’s proud just to represent them. “If you call me a hero, what you . . . → Read More: Master Cpl. Paul Franklin’s inspirational story of survival

The Elemental Mind

by Paladin Sage

When most of us think of the Alchemical Elements, we think of the four physical ones arranged in a circle, balanced, Earth to Air, Fire to Water. If we include Spirit in this model, it transcends direction, and exists above, below, and around the circle of the four. It is its . . . → Read More: The Elemental Mind

Curanderos and Shamans in the Southwest

by Eliseo “Cheo” Torres Who is a curandero? Before discussing Cabeza de Vaca’s role as a Hispanic curandero, it should first be understood who is a curandero. He or she is a folk healer who heals in the material level with herbs, amulets and/or in the spiritual level using religion, God, saints, prayers and petitions . . . → Read More: Curanderos and Shamans in the Southwest

Treasures pulled from a briny tomb

by By Suzanne Fields Spectacular artifacts from two lost cities of ancient Egypt, rescued from the sea after more than 1,300 years, have taken the breath away from more than 1 million visitors to the Martin-Gropius Building in Berlin. They have even ignited religious debate — nonviolent so far — in Egypt. French archaeological adventurer . . . → Read More: Treasures pulled from a briny tomb

American Indians Did It in the Nude

by Paul Did what you ask? Well, they did just about everything either nude or partially nude, depending upon the weather. It is generally acknowledged that the English and Spanish Christians were horrified at the general nakedness of the New World aboriginal inhabitants. A quick search of the Internet reveals plenty of evidence that the . . . → Read More: American Indians Did It in the Nude

Viking Festival

by Deb Torreso Every year from late June to early July, Frederikssund, Denmark puts on a memorable Viking Festival, complete with games and a banquet feast. As with many festivals held all over the world, Frederikssund re-enacts a period of history. Denmark’s proverbial bad boys, the Vikings, and their culture, are the feature of this . . . → Read More: Viking Festival

The Witch Trials

by Rick Wade

Some critics like to portray the Christian Church as the great persecutor of the weak and helpless. A popular vehicle for this myth is the story of the witch trials in Europe and America in the 16th and 17th centuries. Philip Sampson says that this story “relates that many millions of women . . . → Read More: The Witch Trials

Task force takes aim at trans fats

by Meagan Fitzpatrick

In an effort to eliminate trans fats from the diets of Canadians, a government task force has issued recommendations that it says will save lives if implemented. In its final report released Wednesday, the Trans Fat Task Force, co-chaired by Health Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, advised that the amount . . . → Read More: Task force takes aim at trans fats

Simple Ways of Getting Involved in Pagan Groups

by Elizabeth Barrette

We got to talking about community service, and people complained about a lack of much-needed volunteer labor. Others pointed out the difficulties in novices finding groups/teachers and in groups/teachers dealing with the large numbers of novices. So I decided to write out a few helpful tips…

YOU are the Pagan community, . . . → Read More: Simple Ways of Getting Involved in Pagan Groups

900 + Parks


SATURDAY, ALWAYS A DILEMMA. WHICH PARK? There’s been too little rain lately to bring out the mushrooms at Gowlland Tod, not enough for the salmon runs at Goldstream. It might be a day to cycle Gabriola Island and watch the sea lions swimming past Sandwell Park. Juan de Fuca Park is . . . → Read More: 900 + Parks