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Viking Festival

by Deb Torreso
Every year from late June to early July, Frederikssund, Denmark puts on a memorable Viking Festival, complete with games and a banquet feast. As with many festivals held all over the world, Frederikssund re-enacts a period of history. Denmark’s proverbial bad boys, the Vikings, and their culture, are the feature of this event. Over two hundred and fifty adults and children dress in Viking costumes, and proceed to re-create Denmark’s history through fun and games in Viking style. One of the Festival’s highlights is a play, which is performed in the open air, with the city as its background. The performance takes place at the King’s residence during the mid-summer feast, with a visit from the notorious Eric the Red. The King, Harold Bluetooth, who reigned in 985 A.D., must prove to the Nordic gods, especially the Goddess of the Underworld, Hel, that he has not lost his strength. Hel has been displeased with him, and believes that he and the Vikings have not expressed their gratitude for their victories. She requires that they prove their devotion to her through the celebration of this festival.

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