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Appalachian Granny Magic

by Ginger Strivelli

The Appalachian Granny Magic Tradition of Witchcraft is one that is only recently being heard of. Though the tradition is a very old one, dating all the way back to the first settlers of the magical Appalachian Mountains who came over from Scotland and Ireland in the 1700’s. They brought along . . . → Read More: Appalachian Granny Magic

‘Witchcraft’ study prompts action

The report by Eleanor Stobart was commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills in the wake of high-profile court cases involving the abuse of African children following allegations of witchcraft. It follows a controversial Metropolitan Police report last year suggesting that abuse linked to churches was rife. ‘Scapegoating’ The report, Child Abuse Linked to . . . → Read More: ‘Witchcraft’ study prompts action

Are we more religious than we think?

by MIRKO PETRICEVIC A recent nationwide survey suggests Canadians are more religious than church attendance indicates. Local religion scholars say the results confirm what earlier studies have found. But they don’t find deep meaning in the results. During the 1950s, about 53 per cent of Canadians went to religious services at least once a week. . . . → Read More: Are we more religious than we think?

The man behind the Canadian anthem

A one-hit wonder……. Calixa Lavallee, the man who wrote the music for O Canada 125 years ago, was an ambitious, restless and endlessly creative soul. He was the Celine Dion of his day, a child prodigy who made his career on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border — though he seemed, like Ms. Dion, to . . . → Read More: The man behind the Canadian anthem


Lilith is not merely the television wife/ex-wife of Fraser Crane on Cheers or Fraser. Lilith is much, much more. She has made cameo appearances as the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden (but dumped him when he whined just a bit too much), as the paramour of lascivious spirits in the . . . → Read More: Lilith

Witch School Opens in the Midwest

By DURRELL DAWSON School Moves From Cyberspace to Home of the Cornjerker. In the “Harry Potter” series, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sits in a mystical Scotland location, shrouded by magic that hides it from unknowing humans. Starting next week, in the unlikeliest of places, a real witch school will open its doors . . . → Read More: Witch School Opens in the Midwest

Druids vow to defend sword ban to the hilt

by Chris Broom

A pagan carrying her sacred knife has been arrested for possessing an offensive weapon. Debbie King, Arch Druidess of the Insular Order of Druids in Portsmouth, pictured, was arrested at Fareham Magistrates Court for carrying a five-inch blade. Miss King was dressed in her regular clothes but handed security officers a bag . . . → Read More: Druids vow to defend sword ban to the hilt

40 facts about our 41year-old flag

It flies at the top of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and is sewn on the backpacks of globetrotting Canadians. It’s wrapped around triumphant athletes and waved by children at Canada Day parades, coast to coast. It’s on mugs, pins and car bumpers. In Canada and around the world, the National Flag is our . . . → Read More: 40 facts about our 41year-old flag

Midsummer magic in the ancient stone circles of Orkney

MIDSUMMER Night’s Eve at Orkney’s ancient Ring of Brodgar was oppressive and gloomy. When it came to solstice-watching, the wind-driven rain ensured only a few die-hards remained huddled behind the massive sandstone monoliths, struggling to see a man in the centre of the great circle swinging a strip of leather tied round a pebble.

. . . → Read More: Midsummer magic in the ancient stone circles of Orkney

Honoring the Divine Feminine

By Siobhán Houston

Why are we mesmerized by a woman who lived 2,000 years ago? And especially a woman who, until recently, was generally vilified as a prostitute, only of note because Jesus cleansed her of seven devils? Even though Mary Magdalene is mentioned more than any other woman in the New Testament, she has . . . → Read More: Honoring the Divine Feminine