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The Three ‘R’s Of Self-Protection

by Circe’s Child
One of the most frequent requests I get from friends (who are either fellow Witches, or else non-Witches who nonetheless respect my belief system) is for spells of protection. And more often than not, when I ask “Protection from what ?” I get a very non-specific answer. Something doesn’t feel right, things have been going wrong for them, they feel off center, they feel as if someone or something is watching their every move.

For many years I would simply listen sympathetically and do my best to help the people who asked for it. Usually I’d give them a basic cleansing ceremony, but sometimes I’d opt for a full-dress ritual. I’ve learned it’s probably a bad idea to suddenly whip out a ritual sword and swoop down in a flowing black robe on someone who is obviously already freaked out about possibly being the victim of a curse. No one ever said they’d rather keep the curse, thank you, but I got the message and toned down my tactics.

Read the original article at: Witchvox

Read the original article at: Witchvox

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