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The Three ‘R’s Of Self-Protection

by Circe’s Child One of the most frequent requests I get from friends (who are either fellow Witches, or else non-Witches who nonetheless respect my belief system) is for spells of protection. And more often than not, when I ask “Protection from what ?” I get a very non-specific answer. Something doesn’t feel right, things . . . → Read More: The Three ‘R’s Of Self-Protection

Mother Shipton

by Danny J Parkinson and Ian Topham Mother Shipton is the most famous prophetess of the British Isles. She is one of the many figures of romance who achieve widespread fame and notoriety many years after the real exploits of their lives have faded from the pages of history. With such a passage of time, . . . → Read More: Mother Shipton

The Modern Witchcraft Movement

By Taliesen Enion Vawr and Rhuddlwm Gawr” Some people confuse the words Witchcraft and Wicca. Wicca is a modern neo-Witchcraft religious movement founded by Gerald Gardner between 1939 and 1959, which adopted elements of Masonry, Ceremonial Magick, new age belief, and part of the religion of Witchcraft.

Because there are a great number of people . . . → Read More: The Modern Witchcraft Movement

With this broom I thee will wed

A DRUID and pagan priest, believed by many to be the reincarnation of King Arthur, is to conduct the pagan wedding of two pub licensees. Arthur Pendragon will be conducting the pagan wedding of Nick O’Hara and Wendy Elder at the Morecambe Hotel on Lord Street in Morecambe on June 6. Wendy and Nick will . . . → Read More: With this broom I thee will wed

“666” Superstitions

by Mary Cochrane “Let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six.” (Revelation 13:16-18, New Revised Standard Version) The number 666 — the “number of the beast,” according to the Book of Revelation — conjures devilish images for many, so . . . → Read More: “666” Superstitions

Bizarre Severed Goat Heads

Police are investigating a bizarre discovery involving severed goat heads, put on display at the end of a driveway. Last week, police found two severed goat heads, a coconut and a pentagram drawn in chalk in a driveway of a home, police Lt. Francis Balzano said. “We’re not saying this is illegal,” Balzano said. “We . . . → Read More: Bizarre Severed Goat Heads

Book reviews

by Kim Covert

Widdershins: Charles de Lint (Tor Books) Forget the fact that both the title of this book and its cover are more Stephen King than Charles de Lint. This is definitely the work of Ottawa’s favourite urban fantasist.De Lint writes that he took on this story only because his wife and fans kept . . . → Read More: Book reviews

Ancient female skeleton found in Rome

Archaeologists said Tuesday they have dug up a woman skeleton dating to the 10th century B.C. in an ancient necropolis in the heart of Rome. The well-preserved skeleton appears to be that of a woman aged about 30, said Anna De Santis, one of the archaeologists who took part in the excavations under the Caesar’s . . . → Read More: Ancient female skeleton found in Rome

Iron Age Braumeisters

by Horst Dornbusch Between roughly 500 B.C. and the birth of Christ, the Romans began to venture—first carefully, then massively—outside their elongated homeland, which looks on the map like a boot. To do so by land, they had to cross that immense barrier, the Alps, beyond which lay unconquered lands of dense forests, which the . . . → Read More: Iron Age Braumeisters

Witches fear sex monster

by Geoff Wilkinson and Elissa Hunt

(UPDATE) Victorian witches are worried that notorious sex offender Robin Fletcher is giving them a bad name. The Pagan Awareness Network said yesterday it feared an extended supervision order on Fletcher might not be enough to prevent him re-offending.

Fletcher, 49, agreed to a five-year supervision order when he . . . → Read More: Witches fear sex monster