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Witches wish to cast joyful spell

By Tamara Ikenberg

On Friday, good witches all around the world will be summoned to cast spells for peace, love, hope and prosperity. The Rev. Edward Hubbard, CEO and director of the Witch School (, is organizing a global experimental spell-casting marathon. Hubbard, based in Hoopeston, Ill., talked to us recently about changing the world . . . → Read More: Witches wish to cast joyful spell

Interview with a Yew Tree

by Greywolf One thing that’s expected of Druids is that we should talk to trees. I recall in my youth watching the Andy Williams Show on TV and seeing him start singing the old standard, “I Talk to the Trees”. After the first few bars two men in white coats came and carried him away. . . . → Read More: Interview with a Yew Tree

Religious site could reveal cult secrets

By Kevin Barnes Archaeologists hope to uncover a glimpse of the mysteries of cult worship in Roman Britain by excavating a vast religious complex in Ewell. A series of deep shafts found cut into chalk bedrock at Hatch Furlong gave researchers the clue that a ritual site existed there about 1,900 years ago. Over the . . . → Read More: Religious site could reveal cult secrets

2006 Spring Love Predictions

By: Maria Shaw

Romantic influences look good for most of the zodiac signs this spring. Others may not fare quite as well. But not to worry, Cupid has a plan for each and every one of us!

Here’s my spring love forecast for 2006.

Aries: It’s now or never when it comes to commitment, for . . . → Read More: 2006 Spring Love Predictions

Tune into the Da Vinci coda


ROSSLYN Chapel holds many secrets. For hundreds of years experts and visitors alike have puzzled over the carvings in the chapel. Whilst some debate whether they point to hidden treasure, Edinburgh composer Stuart Mitchell thinks he has cracked one part of the enigma. He believes that the ornate ceiling of carved arches, . . . → Read More: Tune into the Da Vinci coda

Psychic finds Messer a ghost of few words

By CBC News

He may have died 30 years ago, but a psychic wants to know if fiddling legend Don Messer is still playing. Alan Hatfield was at Messer’s gravesite in Lower Sackville on Thursday to listen for his voice or the sounds of a fiddle. “Come on Don, talk to us. We’d love to . . . → Read More: Psychic finds Messer a ghost of few words

Know your gnomes

By PamtEMPELMAYR I have a natural curiosity about all things – especially those related to the garden. So, I have always wondered about garden gnomes. Why do these little statues sport so many gardens all over the globe? Amazingly it all starts with a Greek philosopher, Empedocles in the fifth century BC, and his elemental . . . → Read More: Know your gnomes

Highway sign brews up controversy

By Adam Shub

GASTONIA, N.C. — Eyebrows are being raised because of a new sign along Highway 74 and a pagan group’s promise to keep the road clean.

The Silvermoon Pagan Wicca Group, through the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program, recently sponsored the stretch of road in Gastonia. At the head of the group is Kym . . . → Read More: Highway sign brews up controversy

The Bardic Year: Ritual for Wiccan Groups

The Bardic Year: Ritual for Wiccan GroupsBy White Bard 2001 CE

The following are suggested rituals within the four major calendar celebrations. They are written from a Wiccan standpoint, using Celtic traditions, and take the form of Mystery Plays that (sometimes) are not fully explained (!). Try not to explain them to the participants, but . . . → Read More: The Bardic Year: Ritual for Wiccan Groups

Finding Faeryland

By Mara Freeman Today we stand at the threshold of Beltane, the Celtic festival of summer, when the entire green world is charged with new life beneath the growing sun. In Ireland, Beltane (celebrated May 1st) was known as one of the three “spirit nights” of the year—along with Midsummer’s Eve and Halloween—a time . . . → Read More: Finding Faeryland