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Spell-fest of Love

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Ed Hubbard of Witch School fame (or infamy depending on your opinion) has made the news for organizing a global spell of love and peace (I guess all those press releases have paid off). In an interview with Tamara Ikenberg of the The Courier-Journal, Hubbard talks about the goals of this spell, how he is going to measure its effectiveness, and how much he enjoys the show “Charmed”.

“We need no longer wait to see if magic is real or not. We can test it through such global experiments, but instead of looking for data, I am looking forward to hearing the experiences people will have through this day of divine manifestation. I believe it will move the way we think about the world and how it works.”

Read the original article at: Wildhunt

Read the original article at: Wildhunt

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